Early Childhood Music

As the studio is being relocated to Minnesota, no classes have been scheduled yet. Please check back soon or send us a message through the contact section to be informed of the group classes.

Farfalla Music Bambini

In these group classes for toddlers and infants with their loving parents or caregivers, children and adults will learn the basic building blocks of music including melody, rhythm, dynamics and articulations through the exploration of child-friendly percussion instruments and the singing of favorite songs. Adults and children will learn American Sign Language while we read stories and recite traditional nursery rhymes. Children will move their bodies while we dance and strengthen their gross motor skills while balancing, climbing, crawling and jumping on fun equipment. 

Our In-Home Music, Piano, Voice and Spanish Lessons

Farfalla Music Studio strives to nurture the innate musical talent all of us as human being possess, through the study of music theory, rhythm, music history and technique. All of these elements are wrapped in a fun, personalized lesson to fit the uniqueness of every student.

For pricing and materials information please visit the sections on the left. 


Piano lessons are given to beginning students starting at age 5 up to intermediate students of any age. It is never too late to learn to play the piano. Whether you would like to play classical, pop, jazz or gospel, a solid piano technique will allow you to learn to play pieces faster while avoiding injury. 


Auditioning for a musical, choir or competition? Voice lessons will strengthen your instrument in a healthy way while bringing to the surface your natural voice. You will also learn lyric diction, stage presence and audition protocols.

Planning on pursuing a voice major or minor in college? Your lessons can be customized to prepare you for your audition and your upcoming music courses.

Do you love to sing just for fun but hate how tired you get or how you can't hit those notes? Taking weekly lessons will expand your range and give you the tools to expand your repertoire. 


As the second most spoken language in the United States, being able to speak Spanish gives individuals a great advantage in most professional fields. Up until the age of 7, children are able to learn languages not only faster, but they can mimic the sounds they hear thus avoiding speaking the language with an accent. Lessons can be customized for your needs whether you need some extra help with a Spanish class you are already taking, are traveling to a Spanish speaking country or would like to learn the language in a small setting. 

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