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Recommended Electric Pianos


We understand that purchasing an acoustic piano can be a substantial financial commitment, fortunately with the technology available today, there are plenty of affordable quality options. When purchasing an electric piano certain factors should always be kept in mind: the keyboard should have eighty-eight keys, the keys should be the same size as an acoustic piano and the keys must be weight sensitive. Don't be concerned with different sound options, as long as it has the features mentioned above, everything else is just a bonus. Most electric pianos include a pedal, if it is not included, please be aware you will have to purchase one in the future if you are a beginning student. 

Recommended Metronomes


When a student is struggling to keep a steady tempo (speed) a metronome can be of tremendous help. It produces regular clicks or beats that can be adjusted to the tempo required for a particular piece of music which are measured in beats per minute or bpm. Patented in 1815 by Johann Maelzel, the metronome also offers a visual cue with a pendulum swing. Nowadays metronomes can be found in digital form, producing different sounds as well as providing tuning features. The classic metronome pictured to the right can still be found in many retail music stores and online markets. Most metronomes are good metronomes, the best choice is one that produces a pleasant sound to the ear of the student. 

Fun Mobile Applications and Computer Software


Learning to read music can sometimes be a bit of a tedious process for young students and finding supplemental materials to practice and keep them engaged, can be just as difficult. You can find several educational applications on the Apple App Store or Android Market to assist students in the process of learning to play the piano or sing. We suggest you use these applications and programs as a reward for good practicing sessions as they cannot replace the traditional methods of music instruction. 

Below you will find suggested Apple applications most compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

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