Studio Policies for Piano Lessons and Voice Lessons

  • Students will receive one lesson a week, the instructor will reserve the same time slot and day for the student.
  • Lessons are paid on a monthly basis and are due on the student's first lesson of the month.
  • Only one make up per twelve-week session will be allowed, as long as proper notification has been given. Without proper notification, the student will forfeit the lesson and no refund will be given.
  • A twenty-four hour notice must be given in order to receive a make up lesson. 
  • If the lesson time or day must me changed, we require one-week's notice to attempt to accommodate the switch. With a busy schedule, this is not a guarantee that can be made, in which case the lesson can be then made up during the make up week at the end of the session. 
  • If the instructor must cancel the lesson for any reason, it will be made up at the earliest convenience for the student.
  • If the instructor is running late, the student will receive his or her entire time lesson, however, if the student is late, the instructor will only give the student the remainder of time in their slot. 
  • Students are required to purchase method books that will be suggested by the instructor as well as a practice notebook.
  • If the student wishes to discontinue lessons, please provide the instructor with at least two-weeks of notice to allow that slot to be filled again.
  • Consistent practice is essential to the improvement of the student. Beginning students should practice 15 minutes, four times a week. Advanced or older students should practice 20 minutes, five times a week. Practice suggestions will be given to suit the student's schedule and learning style. 
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