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"Mariana has been a consistently impressive instructor over the past year. She has shown that she can identify improvements for her students in a surprisingly accurate and quick manner. A year later, I still rely on her tips in performance scenarios and when just sitting at home practicing.

When I first started taking lessons with Mariana, I was bad...real bad. Now I am considerably better and that feedback is from very honest (and very forward) friends of mine!! I am thankful for the fact that Mariana does not let my mistakes go unnoticed and works with me to correct them. It should be noted that she has an incredibly polite delivery when identifying mistakes and offering improvement tips. This is something I don't personally need but is so out of the ordinary for instructors that I feel it deserves recognition.

I would highly recommend Mariana to any type of student singing in any genre. She is very big on the fundamentals but understands a person's musical style and goals so she tailors her lessons to fit the student. Whether it be critique of a recording or an in person lesson - Mariana’s teaching style, polite delivery and accuracy of improvement areas lead to a shorter time frame for a student to reach their goals.

I have been able to teach myself every instrument I've put my hands on (5 so far). From the perspective of someone who has very high expectations of myself and my music...I would not have been able to get where I am vocally without her."

-Damon M.




"My daughter has always loved to sing and at 8 yrs old was ready for some training. Mariana has been very patient, gentle, and encouraging to her-never pushing her past her comfort. My daughter is not normally shy, but she cares so much about singing that she was a bit nervous in her first lessons. She just had her third lesson and was able to really open up and sing. Mariana praised her and was able to encourage her to let go and not worry about a mistake! I think the best compliment you can give a teacher is to listen to the child talk about her lesson all afternoon and share with everyone she can find what she learned and her "real voice" Mariana also works very hard to explain in kid terms what she is teaching and how to warm up. I have sung all my life, but never had any training. Im learning right along with my daughter and it has been an amazing experience. Im really glad to have this opportunity to work with Mariana."

-Keleigh D.



"I'm a beginner, and mainly enjoy singing at my own leisure. I came to take lessons without a background of music, solely with the intent to learn more about my potential in singing that Mariana has helped me expound on. She has taught me so much that I feel more confident in my ability to perform. I now know proper techniques and weaknesses to improve on that only an instructor is able to point out in person. She's a very kind, patient teacher, and broke lessons down to detail. I would love to work with her again in the future and recommend Mariana to any and all levels of people who are passionate about singing." 

 -John C.





"I really enjoyed working with Mariana. She is very attentive to her student's needs and seems to genuinely care about the student's progress/development. She is also very organized and flexible, which makes for a smooth, relaxed experience. If you are looking for a new teacher, or to get back into singing, I highly recommend her!"

 -Jaya G.





"The lessons are great. Mariana has helped me try things with my voice that I would never have the confidence to do beforehand. The lessons are fun, yet extremely useful in my music career. Couldn't ask for anyone better...so far! :)"

-Jason M.






"Mariana is a great teacher, very flexible on the overall goals but precise in her instructions to meet them. A true music professional. She is very fun to work with as well! Gracias Mariana!"

 -Juan Pablo O.






"Mariana is extremely professional, diligent and does not let sloppiness on my part slip by. She is an excellent instructor and exactly what I was looking for in a voice teacher."

-Rachel B.





"I was very happy with the voice lessons I received from Mariana. She is friendly and knowledgeable. She helped me locate the things that I needed to work on and pushed me to try harder."

- Lisa R.





"Mariana is an excellent instructor. I like her patience, but above all she is always pleasant and makes each session comfortable. also what stands out is her attention to details. Excellent instructor"

 -Keith O.






"I've been a student of Mariana for two months and I have already seen an improvement in my breathing, tonality, confidence and projection. She's patient and very creative in her methods as it pretains to the different styles of singing, and preparing me with various training technique's.In closing I'm very impressed with Mariana and I would highly recomend her to anyone looking forward to taking voice lesson."

-Fernando K.

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